Call for papers on “Biological uniqueness: tools and advances to protect endemism”

Dear colleagues,

We received from Dr Luciano Bosso, Dr Francesca Raffini and Dr Leonardo Ancillotto an invitation to share the publication of a Special Issue of the Journal for Nature Conservation on the topic: “Biological uniqueness: tools and advances to protect endemism“.

The Special Issue calls for original research papers with direct conservation applications addressing endemism at multiple levels of biodiversity, from molecular to ecological perspective, and through a wide variety of methodologically-sound approaches, from empirical, field-based, experimental studies to theoretical, statistical, simulation analyses. Integrated, interdisciplinary studies and clear directions for conservation are mostly welcome.
The submission portal will be open from the 1st January to the 1st June 2021. Submitted papers should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. We encourage perspective author(s) to send a short abstract or tentative title to the editors in advance (
For more information, see this web page